The associated exhibition will count as the main attraction the Cuban Education Stand where you will have the opportunity to appreciate the main results obtained by Cuban education, organized from the educational levels and the main areas that make up the National Education System.

It will allow them, from an attractive visuality, with QR codes that transport us to the CubaEduca Multiplatform and the main resources that we make available to Cuban education, to learn about the best experiences that contribute to a developer teaching-learning process according to current communication dynamics.

We will also have articulation with other universities, research centers, our business group of the Ministry of Education and other companies linked to educational services.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy an exhibition that is characterized by its dynamism, and that will also present a group of collateral activities that will expose the main areas of success in the Education sector in our country.


Program of collateral activities to the Stand

30/112:10PM a 1:30PMStand opening
31/11:30pm a 2:30 pm
Presentation of the Cubaeduca Multiplatform
Presentation of the television program Educational setting
1/21:30pm a 2:30 pmPresentation of the investigative results of a Cuban adolescent. Theme: Environment, marine ecosystems.
Presentation of the book "Education for health and sexuality in the Cuban educational environment" Authors: Mined, Prosalud (Minsap) and PAHO.
Cultural activity with teachers in training from the "Eduardo García Delgado" Pedagogical School in Havana
2/21:30pm a 2:30 pmPresentation of the Television Program "Tun Tun Hello family"
Presentation of artistic talents from schools attached to the CNEART of the Ministry of Culture

Contests with themes associated with the previous activities and other topics related to the event are also promoted.