Dear colleagues:

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Cuba, the Havana Convention Center and the Business Group of the Ministry, have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the II Forum of Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Products and Services for Education (EMPREDUC 2023) , from January 30 to February 3, as part of the International Pedagogy Congress 2023.

The Forum will be a space for exchange between businessmen, scientists, technicians, educational television stations, companies in the technology sector, robotics, furniture manufacturing, educational toys, other services and school materials.

The motto that will accompany the event will be GUARANTEEING THE BEST INVESTMENT: “EDUCATION”, which supports the idea of ​​the innovative application of companies’ capacities to guarantee the quality of educational goods and services.


Promote the participation of national and foreign entities and companies, which are linked to the development of education, to exchange on the opportunities, priorities and challenges for the growth and competitiveness of the products and services of the sector, so that they allow us to identify new markets and the possibility of attracting interested investors.


Parallel to the event, the Expo-Fair will take place in the Grand Foyer of the Convention Center, in which educational institutions, national and foreign specialized companies, will have an exceptional opportunity to exhibit and exchange new products and services and investment possibilities, co-production and collaboration. The Organizing Committee of EMPREDUC 2023 reiterates the invitation to exchange at the Exhibition Fair, with the guarantee of achieving common objectives in a climate of cordiality, professionalism and cooperation, as another way of contributing to the fulfillment of the sustainable development objectives and the Agenda 2030.


  • Development of digital skills for business management.
  • Innovation in Processes and Product/Service Designs.
  • Evolution and management of plastic waste. Circular Economy. Educational toys and school furniture.

Additionally, a Sponsorship program has been conceived that will offer benefits and will give you the opportunity for your organization or company to contribute with its contribution to technical cooperation, the creation of capacities and the socialization of knowledge; as your best investment.

The contact for the space reservation process and other issues associated with the organization of the Expo Fair will be with: Lic. Katia Batista Noa, Professional Exhibition Organizer. Commercial and Quality Specialist o Katia Medina Reyes Havana Convention Center. Telephones: (+53) 72080631 – 72107100 extension 1106. e-mail: katiabatista@palco.cu – web: www.eventospalco.com.


EMPREDUC 2023 Organizing Committee