Meeting of directors or rectors of normal schools or other training institutions for teachers and professors

Since the last International Pedagogy Congresses were held in Havana, meetings have been successfully held in which directors or rectors of normal schools or other teacher training institutions participated. These fruitful meetings were a full expression of the strengthening of the ties of brotherhood between the participants and of the fruitful academic exchange that, without a doubt, contributed considerably to improving the training of qualified teachers in our developing countries.

The next Meeting of directors or rectors of normal schools or other teacher training institutions will take place within the framework of the International Pedagogy Congress 2023, to be held at the Havana Convention Center, from January 30 to February 3, 2023 .

This is the first of the events related to teacher training to which we invite you through this call. With it, the exchange of knowledge and optimal experiences between directors, rectors, teachers and students of the educational institutions in which teachers and professors are trained will be favored. At the same time, the Meeting will encourage sharing current knowledge, twinning teacher training schools, establishing other modalities of future exchanges that are proposed by the participants and generalizing, in other institutions of the same purpose, the best experiences of the institutions you represent. in the training processes that occur in them, practices that also constitute the main strengths of their teacher training centers.

For this reason, we invite you to select -among the following- a theme for you to participate in the Meeting or to suggest other aspects on which we could exchange. Our proposals for topics to discuss at the Meeting are:

  • Entrance routes to teacher training centers. Requirements.
  • Characteristics of the curriculum.
  • Preparation of teachers who work in teacher training centers.
  • Link between academic training and educational practice.
  • Employment in training from these centers of technological and audiovisual resources.
  • Work of the students and teachers of these centers in the communities and with the families.
  • Forms of completion of studies in these institutions.

As part of this event we will develop the Panel on the impacts of scientific results in the educational transformation of teacher training, whose name explains its objective by itself. This will be attended, in addition to the teachers and directors of normal schools and other teacher training institutions, researchers from the Central Institute of Pedagogical Sciences and members of the Directorate of Teacher Training of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Cuba. In order to be able to previously organize the Meeting of directors or rectors of normal schools or other teacher training institutions, we ask you to send us the topics that you suggest to include to the following email addresses: gema.diaz@mined.gob. cu and We look forward to seeing you at both events related to teacher training!