Scientific Committee


Dr. C. Eva Escalona Serrano
Director of Science and Technology
Dr. C. Alexis R. Méndez Pupo
Head of the scientific program
Dr. C. Luís Roberto Jardinot Mustelier
Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee


MSc. Maria de los Angeles Gallo Sanchez
Early Childhood Director
MSc. Beatriz Roque Morales
Director of Special Education
MSc. Zulima Lobaina Olazabal
Director of Primary Education
MSc. Diana Rosa Suarez
Director of Pre-University Education
MSc. Susana Oceguera Martínez
Head of Technological Resources Department
MSc. Yipsian Rodríguez Soto
Head of the Department of School Organization and General Training of the ETP
Dr. C. Liset Valdés Abreu
ICCP Training and Collaboration Director
Dr. C. Gladys Driggs Pérez
DCT methodologist
Dr. C. Onixa Mazorra Fuentes
DCT methodologist
Dr. C. Adalberto Revilla Vega
Director of Basic Secondary Education
Dr. C. Maura Tomasen León
Director of Youth and Adult Education
Dr. Cs. Alberto Valle Lima
ICCP Program and Projects Director
Dr. C. Orestes Valdés Valdés
DCT methodologist

Symposium 1

Dr. C. Marlen Triana Mederos

Symposium 2

MSc. Alexander Manso Díaz
Director of Career and Technical Education Chairman

Symposium 3

MSc. Yaritza Creach Martínez
Director of Teaching Staff Training Chairwoman

Symposium 4

MSc. Yanira Gómez Delgado

Symposium 5

Lic. Fernando Ortega Cabrera
Director of Educational Technology Chairman

Symposium 6

Dr. C. Carmen Rosa Stuart Gómez
Deputy Director General of the ICCP Chairwoman

Symposium 7

MSc. Lucrecia Miriam Egea Álvarez
Director of History and Marxism-Leninism Chairwoman

Symposium 8

Dr. Cs. Gilberto García Batista
President of the CPA Chairman