Challenges of initial and continuing teacher training for sustainable development. Challenges of higher education in the face of the 2030 agenda

Faced with the new challenges facing education, teachers, as the main actors of change, must have a solid preparation and pedagogical training, which enables them to carry out their educational work efficiently. For this reason, in the symposium, reference is made to the need to reflect on the teacher as an active and transforming subject in the teaching-learning process. The experiences are based on the training of professionals, with a view to providing teacher training in correspondence with the challenges that emerge from social and cultural processes and their dynamics in the current context. The experiences in the teaching and research activity are exposed, where the achievements and goals proposed to achieve superior results in the exercise of the profession are revealed. It will allow the exchange of knowledge and good practices, which will contribute to raising the quality of continuous teacher training in our region.

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MSc. Yaritza Creach Martínez Director of Teaching Staff Training

trabajos ISBN: 978-959-18-1373-2