Challenges of initial and permanent teacher training for sustainable development. Challenges of Higher Education in the face of the 2030 agenda

Among the goals of the 4th Goal of the 2030 Agenda, which aims to “guarantee inclusive, equitable and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”, priority is given to equal access of men and women to technical training , professional and superior quality, including university education, as well as the considerable increase in the supply of qualified teachers, with an emphasis on the less developed countries, all of which promote enormous efforts by nations and their peoples to overcome the enormous challenges that these purposes impose. With that marked intention, this symposium in its virtual modality, summons managers, teachers, researchers and professionals in general from institutions of higher education and teacher training at different levels, to present their experiences and scientific results in order to find solutions to the main problems faced in all countries to overcome the permanent challenge of raising the quality and relevance of continuous training for professionals.


M. Sc. Gema Díaz Diaz Presidenta. Simposio 3


Dr. C. Deysi Fraga Cedré Vicepresidenta. Simposio 3

Secretario Científico

M. Sc. Yaritza Creach Martínez Secretaria científica. Simposio 3

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