Education in values and citizenship for a culture of peace

This symposium will take place in an international situation characterized by an increasingly unjust and exclusive economic order, which threatens peace, endangers the survival of humanity, with profound climate changes, at a time when we are facing SARS – CoV – 2 , Covid-19 with a lethality of more than 30 million infections and close to one million deaths in the world and in the face of a greater aggressiveness of the circles of power of the United States towards the peoples of Latin America, especially Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba; developing from the control of the information monopoly the most ferocious and concerted media campaigns of subversion aimed at destroying the identities of the peoples, erasing their history and imposing the culture of domination. The man wishes it lasts in time. History has that purpose, historical memory promotes the perennity of the best ideas, values, attitudes of peoples and personalities throughout the development of humanity. This symposium will be a space for exchange, learning, socialization of good practices, results of research projects that reaffirm from diversity the aspiration of training in the new generations ethical behaviors, responsible citizens, in correspondence with Culture, History, in defense of peace, the security of peoples, to achieve a world best.


M. Sc. Darvelis Carracedo Aguilar Presidenta. Simposio 4

Secretario Científico

M. Sc. Lucrecia Miriam Egea Álvarez Secretaria científica. Simposio 4

trabajos ISBN: 978-959-18-1313-8