Integral education of children, adolescents and young people for a prosperous and sustainable society

The symposium will develop an interesting academic and scientific exchange within the framework of a world where exploitation, cultural warfare and the aggressions of a capitalism that seeks new horizons to consolidate its hegemonic power against nations that have taken the path of emancipation. In this scenario, the humanist work of educators is a prerequisite for achieving an educational proposal where the integral formation of children, adolescents and young people is characterized by feelings, values, moral qualities that express the human essence in their relationships, behaviors, communication, responsibility and participation aimed at achieving a culture of peace and citizenship, faithful to the traditions, history, identity, culture of the peoples for a prosperous and sustainable society.

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MSc. Lucrecia Miriam Egea Álvarez Director of History and Marxism-Leninism

trabajos ISBN: 978-959-18-1377-0