Latin American thought and influence of unions and teacher and student organizations in educational development

In the symposium, the ideas and policies emanating from Latin American educational thought are discussed, taking into account the role of the educators’ unions, the actions carried out by unions and student organizations in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the 2030 Agenda, This will favor dialogue, participation and social management of educator organizations in the countries present at the event, with proposals for concrete actions to transform the current situation. Experiences will be exchanged between representatives of unions, union, community, student and scientific associations in order to assess the possibilities of joint action, in order to achieve quality education based on continuous improvement and training of workers and students. Among the topics that are subject to debate are the importance of Latin American educational thought, the ways to improve the quality of the professional performance of teachers, education in ethical values, the influence of unions and teachers’ unions in development. sustainable from a critical perspective with a view to proposing viable alternatives in the context of each of the countries.


Dr. Cs. Gilberto García Batista Presidente. Simposio 8

Secretario Científico

M. Sc. Ana Gloria Calderón Zedeño Secretaria científica. Simposio 8

trabajos ISBN: 978-959-18-1317-6