Literacy and education of adolescents, youth and adults. Quality technical and professional training taking into account the socio-cultural and economic diversity of each country.

The symposium will constitute a space for exchange, debate and reflection based on experiences and research on the integral development of adolescents, youth and adults, to guarantee an inclusive, equitable and quality education, focused on learning, development and training. both comprehensive and professional, which allows contributing to socio-economic development in accordance with the Sustainable Development objectives of the 2030 Agenda, with the participation of managers, teachers and researchers. The planned topics will allow deepening within the High School in proposals, strategies and didactic alternatives, related to the diagnosis, learning, training and improvement for the implementation of the programs in different countries and the introduction of research results for the sake of improvement throughout the region.


Dr. C. Giorvys Taquechel Román Presidente. Simposio 2

Secretario Científico

Dr. C. Maura Tomasen León Secretaria científica. Simposio 2

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