Access to inclusive, equitable and quality education throughout life

The symposium constitutes a space for exchange on inclusive research, experiences and good practices in view of the requirements of objective 4 of sustainable development and its contextualization. It reflects on the goals related to access to educational care from early childhood; the culmination of each educational level with pertinent and effective results; and access […]


Dr. C. Marlen Triana Mederos Directira General de Educación Básica

Alliance of Technical and Vocational Training with economic actors for sustainable development

Technical and professional education is essential to address the knowledge and skills challenges in achieving the SDGs given the important contributions that are made to address multiple economic, social and environmental demands; while preparing students for the jobs of the future by conveying the right mindset and attitude among learners and the future workforce through […]


MSc. Alexander Manso Díaz Director of Career and Technical Education

Challenges of initial and continuing teacher training for sustainable development. Challenges of higher education in the face of the 2030 agenda

Faced with the new challenges facing education, teachers, as the main actors of change, must have a solid preparation and pedagogical training, which enables them to carry out their educational work efficiently. For this reason, in the symposium, reference is made to the need to reflect on the teacher as an active and transforming subject […]


MSc. Yaritza Creach Martínez Director of Teaching Staff Training

Environmental education and challenges to promote health and social welfare

We will discuss the pedagogical experiences, the results, impacts, projections, of the educational processes that promote actions to guarantee a healthy life and promote well-being at all ages, in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals until 2030. The proposals highlight the role of the educational institution as the most important cultural center of the community, […]


MSc. Yanira Gómez Delgado

Science, technology and innovation in favor of education

The symposium will constitute a moment of exchange on the results of science, technology and innovation in favor of educational development in different contexts, aimed at satisfying social needs and demands in accordance with the objectives outlined in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. and in response to the current demands of confronting the epidemics […]


Lic. Fernando Ortega Cabrera Director of Educational Technology

Educational sciences and their contribution to the quality of educational systems

The Sciences of Education currently assume important challenges, one of them is to contribute to the promotion of the quality of the Educational Systems of our countries. This symposium includes those works that from any of the Educational Sciences (Educational Philosophy, Educational Psychology, Educational Sociology, the direction of educational processes or from Pedagogy itself) allow […]


Dr. C. Carmen Rosa Stuart Gómez Deputy Director General of the ICCP

Integral education of children, adolescents and young people for a prosperous and sustainable society

The symposium will develop an interesting academic and scientific exchange within the framework of a world where exploitation, cultural warfare and the aggressions of a capitalism that seeks new horizons to consolidate its hegemonic power against nations that have taken the path of emancipation. In this scenario, the humanist work of educators is a prerequisite […]


MSc. Lucrecia Miriam Egea Álvarez Director of History and Marxism-Leninism

Latin american thought and the influence of unions, teachers and students organizations in educational development

The Symposium discusses the role played by unions, teacher unions and student organizations in terms of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the 2030 Agenda, with a view to raising the quality of education. Dialogue, participation and social management of educators’ organizations in the countries present at the event will be favored, with proposals for […]


Dr. Cs. Gilberto García Batista President of the CPA