The abstract (200 words) should reflect the most important aspects and will be related to the title, to express their theoretical and practical importance, if it answers to a professional experience, research results or possible answers to specific educational problems.

The work will consist have the following elements:

The works that do not comply with the above rules will not be evaluated.

Deadline for receipt of abstracts and papers: November 23, 2018. After this date we will not guarantee the publication on CD of the Memories of the event.

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to refuse abstracts and papers. Acceptance of these shall be notified before 30 November 2018, through a letter signed by the president of the Scientific Committee and sent in digital format.

Free issues on posters will be organized according to the following rules:

At the time intended for the poster presentation, the author must remain with their work to exchange directly with the interested and answer the questions asked in the audience.

The author who wishes to have a longer period for the communication of the results, he should ask to the Scientific Committee that presentation will be in the form of a poster. This will require that each speaker will bring the posters to be presented. The Organizing Committee and the Scientific Committee of the Congress do not guarantee facilities to reproduce posters in Cuba, so the author must bring the poster to present.